Fuzzy Stuff

18 Count: 1 ply 
14 Count: 2 ply
Cross Stitch
7 Count: 2 ply
9-10 Count and up : 1 ply

60% Polyamide, 40% Viscose
15 Yard Cards
Made in Italy

Fuzzy Stuff is great for snow and snowmen. Good animal colors and some very wild and funky colors that are great for Halloween designs, wild hair or outlandish garments.

​​Vineyard Silk, Over-Dyed

58 colors, 100% chinese silk, twisted, 20 yard skein, artisan dyed


13 to 18 Count Canvas, 7 to 11 Count in cross stitch.
Sparkling, Iridescent White Metallic
Excellent for Frost, Ice & Snow
20 yards on each card

Silk & Ivory

Made in Switzerland of a blend of 50% silk & 50% merino wool, suitable for 13, 14, 16 & 18 count canvas. Stocked in 28.8 yard skeins in 240 colors. 

Frosty Rays

Needlepoint 10 to 14 Count
Long Stitch 12 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch with Half Crosses
50% Nylon, 32% Viscose, 18% Polyester
206 Colors (5 yards)
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA

Petite Frosty Rays
Needlepoint 14-18 Count
Long Stitch 14-22 Count
Cross Stitch 7-11 Count
50% Nylon, 32% Viscose, 18% Polyester
105 Colors (6 yards)
Made in USA

Flair and Tiara metallic are used together to create Frosty Rays. With the metallic inside of the tube of Flair it gives Frosty Rays a softer more muted effect along with a thread that has more body. Also because of the metallic it is not as shear as Flair. Works best on larger mesh canvas.  Petite Frosty Rays: Flair and Petite Treasure Braid metallic are used together to create Petite Frosty Rays. Works best on 18 mesh canvas.


18 Count: 4 ply 
14 Count: 6 ply
Cross Stitch
14 Count: 2 ply
18 Count: 1 ply
8 Yard Cards

100% Silk
360 Colors (8 yards)
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in France

A 12-ply silk that is composed of three 4-ply bundles twisted together. The twist of each individual strand is tighter than most silks making it easier to use. Many of the usual problems experienced with silk will not occur with Splendor. Anyone that stitches with cotton floss will have no problem with.

Vineyard Merino Wool

100% Merino Wool that is non strandable.  Available in 230 solid colors.  30 yard skeins.


Pepper Pot Silk

100 % silk, suitable for 13 and 18 mesh, 214 solid colors and

33 variegated colors, 30 yard skeins
Click on the links to view the colors available.

Appleton Wool

Tapestry weight in 10 yard skeins


Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count
Long Stitch 16 to 24 Count
100% Nylon 
10 Yard Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in France & England

Flair has a nice glimmer that will not overpower the other fibers in your work. Its very subtle shine will add interest to your work. On painted canvasses it reinforces the color underneath. Flair is a tubular nylon netting that will unravel.  Remember to lay Flair, as you do not want it to twist. The effect will be well worth the effort.

Vineyard Silk Classic

Classic Silk is 100% silk that is non strandable.  Suitable for 18 mesh canvas.

Available in 230 solid colors.  30 yard skeins.

Click on the link to view available colors.